The Only Course You’ll Ever Need if You Wanna Make Sales on Command, Create Raving Fans, and Cash-In BIG TIME Using Only Your Words!

You want: Authentic copy that captivates, converts, and allows you to cash in… consistently – on every-single-page of your website.


But, right now it feels like…

This train is passing you by, others are getting their copy written, websites published, and making sales – But, you’re still on page one, sentence one of the same freaking document you’ve been working on for – too long.

You’re a little lost and overwhelmed – you see others talking about the art of persuasion, sales techniques, and creating psychological hooks for your copy. (But, to be honest, you’re not even sure what all that really even means.)

You’re stuck on how to grow your business. You imagine being an industry leader, you imagine having dozens of clients and students, and you imagine speaking on international stages and making profits.


At the end of the day, you’re still struggling to build relationships, struggling to describe what you do (and how), and because of that you’re struggling to make consistent sales.

Here’s the Truth About You, My Lovely Friend.

You want to serve, you want to be authentic, and you want to help people to experience a transformation. But, you’d rather give birth to a ten-pound baby covered in thorns than make money at the expense of being too salesy, pushy, or icky – 

No one can say you’re not doing your best… you’re trying to be visible… You’ve made some connections, yet, you have no confidence when you send people to your website.


Because you know what happens when your prospects hit the homepage. 

They arrive…
They Scroll…
Their eyes quickly glaze over…

The Thing is…


They can’t figure out who you are, what you do, or who you work with. You can’t blame them, right?

They disappear – deep down into the rabbit hole and get sucked in by the world-wide-web of distractions – first it’s email, then it’s Facebook, oh and what’s that? Snapchat!

You know love, once they’ve gone that far, they’re never ever coming back. If you asked them why, they’d shrug because the answer’s buried deep down in their psyche. But here’s the real reason (time for some tough-love, so brace yourself)…

it’s the copy, boo – if it was better they’d stick around!
(Ouch, right?)

At this point, you can’t afford even one lost conversion
because every-single dollar counts!
If you were running a charity it’s be one thing – but, let’s be honest.

You also want to…
have to…
absolutely need to…
make money. (Right?)



Now, I know what you might be thinking… but, don’t go there!

Isn’t a dirty word that should never grace your lips

Isn’t a crazy pipe-dream far beyond your

Isn’t some sleazy, spammy, hypey clickbait

You wanna know what 6-Figures actually is?


    • What you need to be the only woman on the block who wakes up without an alarm, has time to breath between bites, and is able to send her kids off to school with a driver while waiting on her housekeeper to tidy up!
    • What you need to support your family, enjoy security, go on exotic vacations, and live-up that proverbial laptop lifestyle everyone’s on about.
    • What you need to be of service, build a school, or contribute to your favorite ‘save-the-world’ hippy/hipster/insanely-cool cause (I’m all about that!)

If you get a tight knot in your stomach or feel triggered when you see other entrepreneurs marketing with big numbers and being bold with their copy, then we have some work to do.

I say this with love, Bestie, but… I have a feeling that:

You won’t admit you want a 6-Figure-Life because you’re afraid it’s not possible for you without selling out, without staying in alignment, or without doing the work you LOVE.

Before we go any further here’s what I want you to know from my heart to yours. It absa-fricking-lutely is possible for you!

It’s time to stop making excuses about how money isn’t everything, how happiness is more important, and how you don’t wanna be inauthentic. (As if money breeds inauthenticity, oh puh-lease!)

Of course money isn’t everything (duh), but you run a business, and your business needs to earn money to keep itself afloat and to make your dreams a reality.

So, if You’re Ready to Have Crazy-Compelling Copy That Yields a Consistent Flow of Clients and the Cash You Need to Fund Your Bucket List,

Then You’re in the Right Place.

(Vacations to Bali, South African safaris under the sun, and leisurely mid-week adventures with your family – that’s in your cards, I just know it),

I’m Tepsii, and I’m here to make sure that your copy:

  • attracts dream clients,
  • presents you as an industry expert, and
  • yeilds an inbox flooded with payment notifications day-after-day. (can I get a Cha-Ching?)

As a Copywriter and Coach with a degree in Public Communciation (yes I studied the art of persuasion) and over 13 years of experience, I’m here to help you master your message and make money with your words.  

Why Me? Well, In my 1:1 business, I work with soulful 6 and 7-figure business owners to express their unique gifts, attract ideal clients, and craft copy that converts to the tune of consistent $20k months and $50-$800k launches!

Sounds good right?

Well – what if I told you that my business used to suck? I didn’t always own a little empire that was overflowing with consistent clients, shout-outs from industry leaders, and an income to match. You see, for over 12 years I was a wanna-be-entrepreneur.

I wanted so badly to experience freedom, set my own schedule, and do work that matched my heart.

No matter what I tried, failure to launch was a consistent experience for me. I tried and crashed at least 5 different times before I found a business that worked. I sold jewelry, created a bath & body company, tried my hand at life coaching, and so much more.

Nothing stuck. Everything failed.

And, each time I felt like the whole world was pointing + laughing while calling me a flake.

Even then, I couldn’t give up. I was a mom and wife stuck in a cushy-but-thankless career where I only got to use like a quarter of my talent, and none of my heart.

At the time, I had all kinds of excuses for why I never really made it.

  • Blamed it on having kids – because I was doing my best to be a great mom – and great moms don’t take risks like start a business.
  • Blamed it on being married and trying to be a good spouse – because my hubby was in law school while I worked, and I needed every resource I could get my hands on to support him,
  • Blamed it on my career – because I worked so many hours and devoted so much to that pursuit. How would I ever have any time left over for me?

Then one day I came across a phenomenal online entrepreneur who was rocking it and making 6 then 7-figs in her biz (despite her kids and her husband) – and with a lot less in terms of money, support, and resources.

Then one day I came across a phenomenal online entrepreneur who was rocking it and making 6 then 7-figs in her biz (despite her kids and her husband) - and with a lot less in terms of money, support, and resources.

That’s when my excuses ran dry. If she could do it, why couldn’t I?

Good question, Tepsii (I said to myself under my breath)

I was absolutely (mentally) done with my job – nothing about it suited me.
Not the politics (I couldn’t be bothered).
Not the gossip (I didn’t engage).
Not the salary (6-figs but not much growth potential).
And, certainly not being BOSSED around!

When that phenomenal entrepreneur opened her mentorship, I signed up and fell deep into the world of online business, email marketing, list building, and of course copywriting.

The more I learned, the more I loved it… My whole world opened up, and I started to see what was possible for my future as I got laser focused on my goals. I wanted to grow a business, quit the job, retire my hubby, and move to South Africa.

Some call it luck, others call it opportunity + preparedness – either way, that course allowed me to meet a fellow writer who helped me to change my life.

She introduced me to this business and it felt like that scene in the Lion King… You remember it vividly.

Baby Simba was just born. There’s anticipation in the air as the animals rush toward the mountain. Excitement builds as everyone claims their spot, ready to bear witness to a momentous occasion. As the clouds part and, the sun breaks through, the royal priest, Rafiki scoops Simba out of his parent’s loving embrace and steps onto the ledge, raising Simba high into the air and introducing the young prince to the kingdom he will someday rule. [Cue music] … ????”The Circle of Life!” ???

Powerful stuff right?

Yup, that was me. I got a few clients by referral. Gave them stellar customer service and killer copy then asked for recommendations.

Those recommendations made me insanely visible (they were my free marketing machine) –

  • Clients were tagging me everywhere on Facebook and linking to my work!
  • I started getting shout-outs from people I didn’t even know (my taste of those 15 minutes of fame, lol),
  • and soon I became completely booked solid

And, just like that, a profitable biz with dozens of happy clients and a proven track record was born!

I hit all of my goals, made my first $25k, and launched my very first course in under four months! And, I can honestly say it was because I invested in myself in the form of mentorship and guidance!

Fast forward a little less than a year, and these are the kinds of rave reviews I am receiving:

Fast forward a little less than a year, and these are the kinds of rave reviews I am receiving:

$20k Months!

“I’m earning $20k months and my group program sold out early. Tepsii’s Copywriting is so good!”
– Daria Zest, Business and Success Coach

“I Generated over $75k!”

“Tepsii supported with sales page copy for three high dollar launches this year including Brand Your Passions, which generated over $75,000.”
– Carolin Webber Soldo, Business Coach

So, after working with dozens of clients on uber-successful launches, it’s clear I know how to craft a killer message, compelling copy, and a visibility plan to pull it all together!

But, I’m not selfish. In fact, I live in a world filled with abundance. I’ve distilled my best copywriting strategies into a unique system and created a virtual mentorship that can work for anyone. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

$20k Months!

“I’m earning $20k months and my group program sold out early. Tepsii’s Copywriting is so good!”
– Daria Zest, Business and Success Coach

“I Generated over $75k!”

“Tepsii supported with sales page copy for three high dollar launches this year including Brand Your Passions, which generated over $75,000.”
– Carolin Webber Soldo, Business Coach

So, after working with dozens of clients on uber-successful launches, it’s clear I know how to craft a killer message, compelling copy, and a visibility plan to pull it all together!

But, I’m not selfish. In fact, I live in a world filled with abundance. I’ve distilled my best copywriting strategies into a unique system and created a virtual mentorship that can work for anyone. Now, it’s time to share it with you.

The Write to Profit™

The Only Course You’ll Ever Need If You Wanna Fire Your Copywriter + Write Like a Pro

My mission is to grant you the key to crafting authentic copy that captivates, converts, and allows you to cash in… consistently – on every single-page of your website.

Here’s a fact. Most entrepreneurs want the fast-track to success. So they concentrate on

  1. branding,
  2. getting photos just right, and
  3. pulling together a website that looks sexy, polished, and professional.

The problem is, they’re spending too much time on things that give them a diminishing return.

Lemme let you in on a secret. If you start with your ideal client, then move on to your copy, you’ll find it so much easier to get your branding, photoshoot, and website just right!

Luckily you’re smarter than most! You know how important it is to have copy that shakes your ideal client by the shoulders and pulls them right through the screen to sign up for your offer.

Now, it’s not that you don’t know what to do. It’s that you don’t know how to do it. And you’ve never had a mentor that could quickly, easily, and painlessly walk you through the process.


Pull up a chair, and take a seat, honey. It’s time that you claim your… Write to Profit™

The Write to Profit™ is an Exclusive Copywriting Program Designed to Turn You (the entrepreneur) into a Copywriting Genius, who Can Put a Pro to Shame.

When You’ve Gone Through All the Modules You’ll:

Demystify the Copywriting Secrets: Start making good money using one simple tool: all those words on your website
Speak your people’s language: Get crystal clear on your ideal client + learn to read their minds + deliver exactly what they really want
Craft Killer Website Copy that makes you stand out in the sea of coaches, creatives, and consultants so your ideal clients flock to you.
Write A Rockin’ Sales Page: Have a powerfully persuasive sales page that brings in money whenever you turn on your marketing machine
Become Your Brand: Face your fears, embrace your gifts, and build a solid foundation for the business of your dreams.
Move from Protegee to Master: Learn how to write your copy effortlessly so that you can make sales when ever and however you want.

Now, How Does it All Fit together? Well, in this one-of-a-kind Experience Designed Exclusively For You, My #CopyBestie, You’ll Get:

Done-for-You Fillable Templates so You’ll Never Draw a Blank
Publish All your website pages FASTER using DONE-FOR-YOU templates that you can use as a baseline to start from.
Printable Worksheets to Help You Write Your Copy With Confidence & Ease
I’ve done most of the work, so you don’t have to. Just follow along and you’ll get ‘er done.
Exclusive Copy Coaching via Recorded Video Trainings
My clients pay over 5G’s just for access to my brain. But as a WTP student you get the shortcut and the savings! I’ve recorded my best tips and strategies to coach you through your copy.

I created this program because I’m totally over the gurus selling you crap wrapped in gold foil, and I don’t want you to listen to what they’re telling you.

You don’t need to waste time pouring through dozens of books or studying the copywriters from way back

You don’t need to slave over your keyboard, struggling to find the words, sitting in a ball of anxiety knowing that you’re losing days, weeks, months without monetizing your gifts

You don’t need to lose buyer-after-buyer because the words on your website fail to convey your value and authenticity!

There’s a better, faster, easier way to…

write beautifully,
write better, and
write to profit™

(So you can hit those 6-Figures you deserve)!

This is Your Chance – Take it Now.

Now, I Know You Don’t Love Hanging Out With People Who Blow Hot Air… So, I Won’t Talk About How Great I Am… I’ll Let my #CopyBesties share the Bragging Writes!

I’m Giving You 13 Years of Professional Experience + 6-Figure Launch Secrets Distilled into One Short Course Designed With You in Mind!

I’m Giving You 13 Years of Professional Experience + 6-Figure Launch Secrets Distilled into One Short Course Designed With You in Mind!

What’s in it for you?


As Soon as you complete your purchase of The Write to Profit™, you’ll get instant access to the proven system I’ve used to help my most motivated clients collectively generate over half a million dollars in just 10 months!

And here’s the thing…When you enroll in my programs you get more than just a copywriter, more than just a coach, and more than just a digital marketer &, strategist.

You also get a Loving #CopyBestie, a raving Cheerleader, & a Friend who wants you to live freely, happily, and abundantly

Ready for the Breakdown? You Get:

Exclusive Access to ME via Recorded Copy Coaching Video Modules

The training videos give you step-by step instruction on the exact methods you can use to write killer copy that attracts your dream clients day after day. I’m giving you permission to steal my brain and access to my best copywriting techniques. And, I’m not just any Coach or Copywriter.

Lemme do a lil humble bragging and tell you this – I’m an extremely successful Copywriter, who’s launched my biz and been recognized as one of the best in my industry in just a short period of time. When I’m in the room, people flock to me – and it’s not just because I look good (though my hubby says that’s the major reason, lol) – it’s because I make life and learning fun! Just by hanging out with me you’ll absorb my enthusiasm, expertise, and energy!

Beautifully Designed Workbook PDF’s
Workbooks to go along with each module and to walk you through crafting your Brand Message, Home Page, About Page, Sales/Work with Me Page, Landing Pages, and so much more!
My Exclusive Copywriting Templates Designed for Ease and Fun
It’ll be like I’m right there sharing your screen and holding your hand to coach you through each step of the way.
My Top Tips & Toolbox
I’ll hand you a stellar list of the systems I use to write killer copy time and again!
Lifetime Access to the Materials.
Your biz doesn’t have an expiration date, and neither does your access to the Write to Profit™! Access your materials any time for as long as you want!. You’ll also get complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business!

So Everything I’ve Just Shared Will Undoubtedly Give You the Write to Profit™!

Buuuuut, I’m Also Giving All My #CopyBesties Some Dynamically Delightful & Deeelicious Bonuses!

The Epic About Me to Pay Me Periscope Episode
Ever wished that you could get a 6-figure copywriter to help you write your About Page? Well, look no further, this is the closest access I can give you short of booking you in for a VIP sesh! This is my best ever About Page explanation. Hundreds of people joined my email list after airing this! My #CopyBesties have been begging me for since the broadcast expired. More than an hour of pure-epic value

Steal Like a 6-Figure Bestie Periscope Episode

Inspired by artists the world over, I’m giving you a recording of me teaching my signature Ideal Client Avatar spying system to show you how to ethically steal from your audience! You’ll get brilliant ideas for all types of content from your website copy to blogs, Facebook statuses, to Periscope or other live streams, and maybe even the pages of your book!

Marketing Magic With Facebook Ads

No famed copywriter works blindly. In the old days, Copywriters clipped ads and direct response mail like mad to use as inspiration. These days we’re lucky enough to keep our swipe files in the cloud. I’m sharing my huge Facebook Ads swipe file so that you can implement the industry’s best standards in your webinars and freebies!

The Complete From Vulnerable to Visible Revolution

All the Content, all the Worksheets, and all the Videos from my most epic Challenge Yet. It was five full days of #Revolutionary Breakthrough after #Revolutionary Breakthrough. This is one Revolution you do not want to sit out!

The Write to Profit™ is not just a course or program.

It’s the hand-holding and support you need to write your own killer website copy from someone who’s

1) fully committed to your success and

2) is all in when it comes to growing your business!

My mission is to grant you the key to crafting authentic copy that captivates, converts, and allows you to cash in… consistently – on every-single-page of your website.

Get ready to hear, “oooooh, who wrote that?” every time someone new visits your page!

As part of this course you’ll get five epic modules with pdfs, and copywriting hacks. Including:


It’s all about looking deep inside yourself to figure out what emotions you want to invoke so you can face your fears and become your brand.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • We’ll get to the bottom of your BIG WHY so you can craft your core value statement
  • You’ll define the feelings and emotions you want your brand to evoke in your ideal client
  • You’ll settle on a title that people recognize immediately so that your ideal clients know exactly what you do the second you tell them your name and title

We are going to dive deep into their psyche to really get at the heart of what motivates your ideal client to act

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • We’ll go through a series of directed questions to really help you understand the fears, pain, goals and dreams of your ideal client
  • Won’t it feel great to niche down and focus in on a particular ideal client? If you’ve ever felt hazy about what you do or who you serve, it’s probably because you’re casting too wide of a net. Let’s fix that pronto!

Let’s put out some mugs and offer up a delicious cup of chai latte here! When you work with me, every page of your website is designed to make your virtual cash register ring ca chilling!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • How to write Home Page headlines that turn heads, open wallets, and create raving fans
  • What you can do to invite sales or conversions from the word go
  • The top three things you need to include to show off your credibility + authority to position you as a top expert

You’ll get access to your paint-by-numbers About Page template and go from zero to finito in under an hour, flat!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • Ready made About Page for Biz Coaches, Health Coaches, and Web Designers.
  • No more struggling to find the words that will connect with your ideal client.
  • Just fill in the blanks and you are ready to go!

Let’s make you money, honey! When you’re done with this module, you’ll know exactly how to write a super sexy and serendipitously delicious sales page!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • You’ll get the tried and true sales formula that’s been churning out conversions ever since the days of the Sumerian Shekel
  • How to appeal to ideal clients even if you’re selling a luxury good that doesn’t have an apparent NEED (I’ll show you how to make ‘em want you it.)
  • How to use psychological hooks and drop NLP bombs all through your sales page for maximum impact!

Because, bags are NOT a worthwhile investment,
they lose value from the word go.


But your words, your copy… They’ll actually make you money
and they can increase in value if you place them right!


Now, that’s SEXY, right?

I want you to know that this isn’t just a haberdashery full of modules and bonuses.


When you put it all together here’s what you’re gonna get:


THE GO-TO Copywriting course infused with soul, style, and passion; chock full of business strategies for entrepreneurs ready to claim Their Write to Profit™ (big, big profits).

In The Write to Profit™ I’ve carefully curated a business mastermind and branded it as a copywriting course. (Clever, right?) I’m giving you my all because I know that I only attract action-takers!


This course is only for entrepreneurs who are truly ready to bulldoze over any slumps and finally capitalize on their words!

Your marketing and messaging can do their part, but your sales copy is THE CLOSER. This is what will make you profits so you can save the world and fund your Starbucks habit. (yeah honey, I see you in line for your absolutely-non-negotiable latte or frappachino on the daily)

Step up and Claim Your Write to Profit™ If:

  • You’re ready to be the proud owner of a beautiful brand that yields profits___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ __
  • You’re someone who’s not content unless you have the total package: brains, beauty, and copy! (lol)
  • You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, and you’re ready to reach a bigger audience and make a bigger impact by clarifying your messaging______ _____ ____ ________ _________ ______ ______ ______ ___ _______________
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your business and show up to do the heart-work that’s involved with writing killer copy!__ __ __ ____ _ _ _ ____ _______
  • You’re ready to create an impactful brand, identify your ideal client, and create attractive solutions for them.
  • You know that without words you’ve got no business! Copywriting is linked to everything you do from your sales conversations to your webinars. You. Need. Copy!
  • You want in on the money-making secrets top online entrepreneurs are using to cash-in on their words on 50k-100k+ launches!__ _ __ __ _ __________   ______ _______ _______  _______ ____ _ __ __ __ ___ __ __ _ __ __ __ ___ ___ _ __ _ _________________

Do Not Pass Go
Or Sign Up If:

  • You’ve got lazy bones, love – claiming your Write to Profit™ means standing up and putting your all into it!
  • You expect that I’ll do most if not all the work. Sorry to break it to you but you’re gonna have to put fingers to keys!
  • You’re afraid that copywriting is too salesy or manipulative. You can either decide to use words to attract dream clients and help them achieve the transformation they desire, or not. It’s up to you!
  • You don’t have an online biz. The Write to Profit™ was created specifically with Coaches, Consultants, and Creatives in mind. If you have another kind of business, ping me, let’s chat!
  • You don’t want to be part of a loving, soulful troop of entrepreneurs who share a common goal.
  • You’re not committed to upping your game emotionally, mentally, or financially. Remember; 6-Figures is not a dirty word, it’s what you need to survive and thrive in our fast paced world!
  • You don’t believe in learning from an expert. Sure, I wrote copy that one client used to make 54k in just four days…  But who wants to listen to someone who gets those kinds of results. Google University is serving you just fine. Or, is it not?

The investment for the Write to Profit is $797, and don’t worry, we also have a payment plan – because I know every lady wants to cruise in first class (not coach) so you have the option of paying in two monthly payments of $477 if that works better for you.

But ACT QUICKLY because these prices won’t be here forever.

How would it feel if you could send people to your website with pride? No more explaining that you’re in the middle of a rebrand. No more lying that it’s under construction. No more cringing when someone pulls out their smart phone and googles you. Nope, no more of that! (p.s. I’ve been there so, totes not judging you!)

And when you sign up and pay for The Write to Profit™, you get immediate access to all the course content within my vault. So the website of your dreams is literally a few clicks away!



Remember, when I told you about that moment when the skies parted and baby Simba was introduced to his subjects, forever changing the trajectory of history? In that story baby Simba was me, but today it’s you.

If you’re still reading, it’s because this is divine timing. You’re in the right place at the WRITE time, (hee hee, get it) and you have a feeling that this is the moment when you need to claim your Write to Profit™.

Now, I know you’re the type of CEO who does their due diligence and reads down to the very last line! So, let’s get your Q’s answered so we can make a celebratory toast to welcome you to the Copy-Fam (because somewhere on this earth it’s happy hour, or tea time if you prefer).

Q: What kind of entrepreneur is the Write to Profit™ for?
You’re a great fit for The Write to Profit™ if you’re an entrepreneur or small business (coach, consultant, strategist) with a website that includes at least, a Home Page, About Page, Sales Page, or Blog. If you wanna brand yourself, build authority, and use your words to make money, then you’re in exactly the right place.
Q: Why should I choose this over hiring a private 1:1 copywriter?
Well, this group mentorship is unlike any other, my love. I’m literally giving you the permission to steal my brain. When you hire a copywriter like me to write your copy your investment is considerably more, PLUS, you’ll always depend on me! You’ll never understand how to craft a persuasion sequence that gets you paid, and you’ll be left spending thousands of dollars on copy in order to work with me. If you feel like it’s time to fire your Copywriter and learn to write like a pro then this is it, I’m ready to spill all my secrets!
Q: How does The Write to Profit™ stand out? There are so many programs out there.
This is THE copywriting class to end all arguments. You can either spend years perfecting your skills or mere hours plugging and playing into my proven templates time after time. My Friend and Client Portia Jackson wrote her About Page in only 30 minutes using my system. Before that she tried and failed to write it – and it took her weeks! She’s got 2 kids, a loving hubby, and a full time business to run. You can trust that she ain’t got time for that!
Q: What if I’m only just starting my business and don’t really have clients?
The Write to Profit™ was crafted just for people like you. I know what it’s like to start out online. So much jargon, so many competing opinions, and sooooo much noise. As an introvert I needed advice from people who got me. Starting your business is a labor of love – because your business is born in your heart, not your brain. The Write to Profit will allow you to get the exact clarity you need to move forward and take the first steps for your business and your brand. Writing copy and creating a website are the very first things you should be focusing on when you start out. And no worries or stress, I’m here to show you how!
Q: My Website’s not done, do you think I should wait to do that before I write the copy?
No, don’t do that. I’ve worked with a number of top website designers and they tell me that without copy, they won’t even get started! They want to design around the copy and make the words truly sing. Why hold yourself from making progress by working in the wrong order? Join The Write to Profit™ and get clarity on yourself, your brand, and your copy, now!
Q: What if I’m a bad writer, I nearly flunked English in School?
There’s no such thing as a bad writer, only bad teachers. I promise you that I can help you write quickly, effortlessly, and painlessly, even if you’ve got the false belief that you’re a bad writer!
Q: I’ve taken another copywriting course and I still feel lost or confused. Why should I sign up for The Write to Profit™, how is this different?
I’ve signed up for those courses too… When I first started out I wanted to learn. The fact is, NO OTHER course teaches you everything I include. No other course makes copywriting a simple, no brainer exercise. No other course is taught with love and soul so that you can maintain your authenticity and speak straight to the soul of your ideal clients! I taught one client how to write a sales page in under 3 hours. I have others writing About Pages in under 30 minutes. Imagine how much easier it would be to market yourself if you could have killer copy, FAST?
Q: How can I invest in myself if I’m not making money in my biz?

Love, the reason you’re not making money might be because you’re not clear on your ideal client, you’re not clear on your branding, and you’re not clear on your own voice. The Write to Profit™ is a one-stop shop with a remedy for that. My student, Kelly Vines was totally cloudy when it came to her business idea and who she helped. But she didn’t let that stop her. She was one of the very first to jump into the Write to Profit™ and the investment has repaid itself many times over. She now has total clarity about how she’s meant to serve and she’s claiming her Write to Profit™!

If you don’t get some help with clarifying your message you know what’s gonna happen? A month, 6-months, or a year will go by and you’ll find yourself in the exact same place wondering where you went wrong!

Q: I’ve just started courting clients by holding discovery calls but I’m having a hard time describing what I do. Will the Write to Profit™ help me with that?

Imagine if you had a little brochure you could hand out when your clients as how, when, what, or how much? That’s what your Website is. It will do the selling and act as the closer! You definitely need to have your copy written well in order to convey your value!

That’s why I created the Write to Profit™ because there were no other soulful, skilled teachers with a background in the art of persuasion or a degree in public communication in this space. I saw a need for a course that would address your business, your message, and your heart.

Those are the very things you need to convey to your ideal clients in to close sales and get paid!

Q: How much time will this course take to complete? Will I be successful If I have kids to take care of, or if I’m still working a day job and don’t have tons of time to commit?
Listen, remember I told you that this is for serious action takers and that I can’t do the work for you? Well, if you want to succeed you’ll have to commit. This is a self-paced program but I’d commit at least 3 hours each week to make sure you have time to craft your killer copy! If you do that, you should be able to finish each module in one week and be done in 5 to 6 weeks. Of course, you can put in more time and finish faster as well.
Q: I’m ready to claim my Write to Profit™, Tepsii. Just one more Q, how do I pay?
Easy! Just follow this link to head on over to the registration form (all payments are processed via paypal).
Q: I’ve still got questions, how can I contact you
I live by the motto: Make Money, Spread Love. So, I want you to make an informed decision that feels good in your heart. If you have any further q’s, just hit me up at Tepsii @ Tepsii . com and my team and I will get back to you ASAP! Lotsa Love to you!